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Travel Tips: How to breeze through Airport Security

1. Automatic Alerts: We suggest travelers register with their airline to receive automated travel notifications, which are delivered to cell phones or wireless devices; in the event of system delays and flight/schedule changes.

2. Check-in Online: 24 hours prior to boarding and use the QR code on a virtual boarding pass that can be saved on your smartphone to avoid delays at the counter

3. Load your jacket with your valuables: Take your valuables out of your pockets before security and put them into your jacket pocket to keep them secure and in one place. Once through the line and in the terminal, you can unload.

4. Wear easy-to-maneuver clothing

  • Belts with small buckles
  • Slip-on shoes
  • Tighter-fitting clothing (loose clothing can sometimes lead to pat-downs)

5. Use TSA-approved luggage: Bags that fulfill TSA requirements will flip open to easily display your laptop as it passes through security

6. Use the priority line: Getting elite status or signing up for an advance screening process will drastically reduce wait time at the airport

7. Packing: Pack a few pounds less than your home scale shows so you don’t have to scramble at the airport. Carry only small liquids (3 ounce limit) in your carry-ons and place them in clear plastic bags.

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